e-Best has the world's latest trendsetter 800 II Quantun (S speed), Heidelberg SM52-4 (special edition), CD 74 4C and 5C printing press, KBA 105 - Six Color Sheet Fed Offset Press Rapida 105-6C universal press to raise and improve printing capacity and quality. Raw materials and major supplemental materials used all met EU's RoHS Directive.

We operates on the principle of continous improvement since opened. At the same time, we are working on and promoting ISO 900 and ISO 1400 quality and environment assurance system. We also use McDonald's COC system, ICTI and Disney Standard to provide complete welfare and endorse working environment. Promoting social responsibility management system to strengthen the Factory's ethical and social responsibility. e-Best and Extreme Lenticular Printing Factory (our new production base) as a team provides a complete solution to our customers.

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Lenticular Printing

e-Best strengthens on Lenticular application by using advanced technology. We can help customer to develop 3-Dimensional lenticular product that can draw people's attention with its reality, different from conventional 2D image. You can apply on promotion items, packaging, or product in different category. Application of lenticular technology is endless and unlimited.

No matter what kind of lenticular images you want to create, below requirment should be prepared for the design and interlacing.

- The graphic resolution should be 300 dpi minimun and in full size.

- The different object (character) should be in different layer.

- The bleeding of artwork should be at least 1 cm each side.

- Leave files in CMYK if they are already CMYK.

- The file can be in Photoshop, Illustrator etc.( PSD ) format with layer.

By combining different technology, the Total Solution Provider - e-Best could provide customer with on time, low cost solution that consistently meet or exceed your expectations.


Plastic Printing

In addition to Lenticular, we offer high quality PVC/PET & PP Packaging printing service. Our product range includes folding boxes, blister products & die cut Plastic sheets. Our printing capability includes offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping and frosted effect with advanced imported automatic machineries, we ensure all of our packaging in the finest quality and timely delivery at the most competitive pricing.


Offset Printing

e-Best Digiprint Ltd. is an offset printing factory, we own the most advanced equipment, including CTP, CTF, Heidelberg Speed Master Printing Press, UV printing press to provide customers full range services. Customers can submit their design on CD-ROM or upload via Internet directly, that we accept digital input in virtually all file formats.

Our experienced team member maintains high quality standard level on color separation, printing and die-cut. The production extends from film processing, offset printing, to die-cut, with advanced printing tools and technology.

Our staff are well trained to handle over 600 lpi, and Frequency-Modulation screening job. The printing effect can be re-produced naturally with satisfaction.

We further implement Hi-Fi, Hexachrome color printing to fulfill customer's needs, widen the color range.

UV ink printing is another kind special technique. The images are visible under ultraviolet lights only. It helps customer to keep information confidential and provide the security application.


Digital Printing

With Fuji Xerox digital printing partner, Company does help customers seize market opportunities. Digital printing machines could produce the most varied production needs, from booklets and catalogues to posters and banners with excellent quality, within limited time.

Digital printing can produce individualized documents incorporating variable data and the professional formats that it can handle. Specific messages and images uniquely targeted to the recipient enable marketing professionals to achieve much higher response rates with their communication. It is the most economical and creative way to produce a variety of publicity materials. With digital printing technique, Serial no can be made for the valuable products, e.g. Electronic products, Collectable souvenirs, and medical form.