We have developed specialized technology for our products and services. Through techniques in pre-press design, press control, and improved in-mold art of finished merchandise, an ordinary cup is transformed into a piece of lively art. As a technology driven company, it is our mission to use technology to revolutionize the industry.

Having leading edge 3-D lenticular design and press technology
Professional staff mindful of global development in printing technology in order to apply on our product and service development
CTP press DPI as 1/5 ~ 1/10 of ordinary products
Owning brand new digital printing equipment and technology
Offset printing and UV printing machineries has anti-scratch system
Plastic printing DPI can achieve over 98% reproduction


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Plastic Packaging Box
Clear File & Holders
3D Lenticular Packaging Box
3D Children Puzzles
3D Lassen Puzzles
3D Coffee Mug
3D / Motion Ruler
3D Luggage Tag
3D Lentiuclar Sticker
3D Lenticular Coaster
3D Lentiuclar Badges
3D Lentiuclar Bookclip
3D Lenticular Magnets
3D Decoration Pad
3D Royce Art Bookmark
3D Royce Art Keychain
3D Royce Art Poster